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There are innumerable prejudices and beliefs about sex that have determined many repressive and psychopathological behaviors, and have caused great suffering because of the dysfunctional way of approaching relationships.

It is important to understand how we were introduced to our sexual awakening and what kind of messages we received in our family environment when we grew up, sexual maturity is a process and it is vital to know what factors were the ones that accompanied our evolution from the beginning to understand what we are now. If in the present we suffer some sexual dysfunction, it is certain that to a lesser or greater extent we are immersed in a feeling of guilt, that only makes more aggravate the situation in which we are.

Guilt is the first thing we must work when we want to overcome a sexual dysfunction, it is immobilizing and a loss of psychic energy, it is a feeling that is not going to produce any positive change by itself.

This feeling of failure keeps us in a permanent state of anxiety before sexual interaction, creating the breeding ground to chronify the disorder we suffer. The first step to begin to overcome sexual dysfunctions is to completely eradicate the sense of guilt that torments us, we must work to restore our self-esteem that has been diminished due to the feelings of inadequacy that we suffer. We must seek the appropriate therapeutic help to begin to implement the techniques and exercises that are convenient for our particular dysfunction.

Mobilizing to find a solution gives us back the power to restore enjoyment in our sex life, but guilt is an emotion that blocks and greatly interferes with the healing process, focusing our intention on how to overcome the problem deviates us from victimizing attitudes that the only thing that contribute is to keep us in a recurrent circle with no exit.



La asesoría empresarial sirve para formar a directivos y equipos en su desarrollo personal y para la adquisición de técnicas y metodología directivas, administrativas y operativas que se requieren para competir exitosamente en el mercado. La implementación de la asesoría psicoanalítica en el mundo de la empresa o del deporte es una herramienta fundamental que incide en el desarrollo de habilidades emocionales, por lo tanto no es una alternativa sino más bien un complemento imprescindible a la asesoría empresarial o a otras aproximaciones de consultoría.

El profesional de hoy en día pone su atención en liberar su talento, potenciar y maximizar su efectividad, desarrollar su potencialidad y conocimiento, todo ello para la obtención de resultados, pero dentro de la ecuación hemos olvidado algo fundamental que es el control y el manejo de las habilidades emocionales.

Es necesario que los nuevos líderes estén en contacto con sus motivos, sentimientos y deseos y para lograr esta conexión no pueden desatender sus dinámicas internas, que es con todo lo que cuentan para poder implementar todas las mejoras que necesitan como profesionales.

La consultoría tradicional no tiene en cuenta la importancia de las dinámicas inconscientes que forman parte de la estructura psíquica y que inciden al final sobre todas las decisiones que se tomen afectando a la organización. Este siglo ha traído nuevos descubrimientos de cómo funciona el cerebro humano, hoy sabemos el enorme peso que tienen las emociones ( que nacen en nuestro sistema límbico) y las pulsiones más cercanas al instinto ( que se despiertan en nuestro complejo-R, formado por el tronco del encéfalo y el cerebelo)

Buscamos entender la mente solo desde la parte racional que es una ínfima porción dentro del modo de funcionamiento inconsciente, en la formación grupal este nivel inconsciente también está actuando, es como una comunicación subliminal de la que no somos conscientes pero está siempre teniendo lugar.

Subliminal es aquello que se ubica por debajo del umbral de la consciencia, comprendemos aquello que se dice con palabras, pero en realidad el cerebro registra todo lo que llega a través de nuestros sentidos y va sacando conclusiones de todo lo que viene de nuestro interlocutor o del grupo con el que interaccionamos de una forma no consciente.

La asesoría psicoanalítica es un recurso inestimable que grandes emprendedores han utilizado para reducir su entropía psíquica, al analizar la fortaleza yoica podremos saber cómo se responderá a las presiones que están relacionadas con el ámbito empresarial y  permitirá implementar los cambios necesarios para el cumplimiento de las expectativas y los objetivos prefijados.

Las técnicas de la asesoría psicoanalítica se fundamentan en la psicología psicodinámica y el psicoanálisis, es una metodología capaz de romper las rígidas defensas psíquicas al trabajar con los focos de conflicto inconscientes y con los psicodinamismos de defensa. El objetivo es aprender a controlar y manejar las habilidades emocionales necesarias ante situaciones conflictivas y conocer cómo funciona la mente, requisito indispensable para adquirir empoderamiento al reducir los focos de conflicto intrapsíquicos.

La asesoría psicoanalítica puede realizarse a nivel individual y a nivel grupal.

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We all experience in our daily course innumerable contingencies, some of them very challenging that will test our psychic integrity. Resilience is the ability we possess to form new internal resources that help us overcome limit situations, in the face of really traumatic circumstances, we need a great effort to adapt to be able to escape unscathed from them. This ability to overcome is not innate, it is not programmed in our genes as the survival instinct, however we can develop it throughout our life.

We have a transforming potential in our interior that endow us the creation of new psychic conditions, with which we can successfully face traumatic situations that exceed our ability to act.

The neurobiological mechanism involved in resilience is the neuronal plasticity,  that allows the adaptation of brain functions to stress and allows us to confront chaos. Resilient development is something more than overcoming adverse moments, is about reconfiguring effective internal schemes, building new psychic resources that we did not previously possess, that will allow us to face pain and losses. In order to survive the devastating experiences we need to transform all the contracted damage into a productive force, that will propel us to regrow again, strengthened not diminished from all the affliction we have experienced.

Symbolized by the metamorphosis that the phoenix experiences, resurfacing from its own ashes, we see how it is possible to reconceive more strongly despite the trauma.

It is in this process of vital importance to have an affective bond that protects us, or a meaningful connection may be enough to handle the overwhelming demands both external and internal. Therapeutic aid can provide the necessary support needed in these cases, promoting the reconstruction of our vital behavior and healing of wounds, the crises we must face represent a risk to our integrity but also imply an opportunity for growth and development. We can all challenge our limitations, we have a great evolutionary potential, the pain urges us to go beyond our conditioning and pushes us to discover, that we have the necessary capacity within us to rescue us from the desolation and destruction that may ensue in our lives .



The first thing that accompanies the adult who has been sexually abused in childhood is an intense suffering that does not stop, the abuse is tried to repress but from the shadows the incident directs the psychic and sexual life without truce. The event not only has the devastating effect of the fact itself, but also must deal with the feeling of irreparable guilt of the accomplice, this sentiment comes from feeling that no resistance was shown to being so young and silence is established, not being able talk about it due to feelings of guilt present.

Not being able to properly handle these emotions will leave a raw wound difficult to cicatrize, in complete isolation the child grows and the adult will suffer all the consequences of the horror of the memory that conduct him to the incapacity of the sexual enjoyment, feeling that the choice of the desire leads inevitably to the panic of the violence, in fact it is desired not the desire of the other.

In the case of abused women, their relationship with sex is very complex because of the trauma they carry, their self-image is greatly depreciated, they no longer feel themselves nor even before the eyes of others.

They can not bear to perceive that men desire them, for what they try not to like by seeking invisibility or they can go to the other extreme, and always be available to the desires of others when they feel guilty for their violation. The resentment and hatred that can be felt after such a devastating experience can prevent contact with the feelings of guilt that remain in the more buried strata of the psyche.

Understanding the meaning of guilt will be the first liberating step to guide the recovery of experience, and should be with therapeutic help specialized in abuse or mistreatment. The goal of the cure will be to help reconfigure the damaged parts again in the mind, transforming the dysfunctional emotions in the light of a new context, a new understanding, in constructive emotions, that allow to transcend the experience with the least possible personal cost.

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