We humans as small sentient individuals, we are part of a system that evolves together within a great network of interaction, experiencing pain or sadness however we are confronted with our own loneliness, alienated in an existence that presents us hostile and challenging . In these critical moments, being able to connect with what we are, an awareness that is part of a Great System, reminds us that nothing remains isolated or disconnected from the rest, this individual consciousness reflects the pattern of the absolute, our Greater Reality, we are an element individual design of a large fractal containing the models to define the whole.

Our limited and local perspective does not see the panorama, does not see the great work of which we are part, our suffering appears by the feeling of disconnection that we suffer when we lock ourselves in our individual shells and the fear to survive makes us selfish and inconsiderate.

The capacity to love is inversely proportional to the ego and fear that our Being contains, humility and compassion is what remains when the ego disappears, with love being the final result, a deserved success in the evolution of our consciousness. A balanced individual understands that he is part of a unified consciousness and is productive for the Great System of Consciousness or Ecosystem, he is aware of being interacting with a whole so he cares for it as himself. Love is revealed as our evolutionary purpose, we must get out of our limitations by overcoming our fears, developing a wider perception about nature and the meaning of life, this amplified vision improves the quality of our consciousness and encourage our ability to deliver.

Our God dwells in this absolute of which we are part, fear is only a mirage that confuses and constrains us, the ultimate reality is simply an act of love, the only constructive energy that enables the continuity of the whole fabric of existence.