The first thing that accompanies the adult who has been sexually abused in childhood is an intense suffering that does not stop, the abuse is tried to repress but from the shadows the incident directs the psychic and sexual life without truce. The event not only has the devastating effect of the fact itself, but also must deal with the feeling of irreparable guilt of the accomplice, this sentiment comes from feeling that no resistance was shown to being so young and silence is established, not being able talk about it due to feelings of guilt present.

Not being able to properly handle these emotions will leave a raw wound difficult to cicatrize, in complete isolation the child grows and the adult will suffer all the consequences of the horror of the memory that conduct him to the incapacity of the sexual enjoyment, feeling that the choice of the desire leads inevitably to the panic of the violence, in fact it is desired not the desire of the other.

In the case of abused women, their relationship with sex is very complex because of the trauma they carry, their self-image is greatly depreciated, they no longer feel themselves nor even before the eyes of others.

They can not bear to perceive that men desire them, for what they try not to like by seeking invisibility or they can go to the other extreme, and always be available to the desires of others when they feel guilty for their violation. The resentment and hatred that can be felt after such a devastating experience can prevent contact with the feelings of guilt that remain in the more buried strata of the psyche.

Understanding the meaning of guilt will be the first liberating step to guide the recovery of experience, and should be with therapeutic help specialized in abuse or mistreatment. The goal of the cure will be to help reconfigure the damaged parts again in the mind, transforming the dysfunctional emotions in the light of a new context, a new understanding, in constructive emotions, that allow to transcend the experience with the least possible personal cost.