In our physical reality there is a natural law referring to the energy available in a closed system that over time generates disorder, this wear is called entropy and is responsible for everything has a limit of expiration, in living beings is equivalent to disease, old age and death. But before reaching this outcome life has a purpose that is evolution, which allows growth, learning and change to be possible, in fact the ability to retain information is what makes the experience possible.

The biological systems evolve with a purpose that is to progress, their existence is directed to find ways of being and relating more profitably.

Things when they grow, for a certain period of time reduce their entropy, this is where we have to fix our attention, in a continuous process of change and readaptation. In our mind the available energy manifests itself in the form of instinctive forces, impulses, desires, feelings and emotions, when the information that is in the inaccessible part of our psyche begins to disorganize the conscience due to the internal pressure, the internal disorder happens or psychic entropy, a personality disorder that undermines its effectiveness.

The psychic system must readjust its structure to remain compatible with its environment and avoid disturbances that cause it to enter into crisis, this is the pulse we must constantly maintain to win the assault on disease and suffering, we need an incessant transformation and work with our psychic introjects to try to maintain homeostasis in our system. Organizations and systems that do not renew tend to disappear or to become extinct, only those organizations that evolve, that remain in continuous innovation of their processes, are called to endure over time, to evolve is to overcome one situation and assume the next.

Develop our self-understanding and lower our psychic entropy, is the desirable result to be able to modify through a large number of possibilities to a state of greater profitability.

The psychoanalytic technique can be a great ally of us to achieve the necessary reorganization that is needed, to reach higher stages of order in our mind, by sublimating the energy of impulses and unresolved conflicts that are retained in the non conscious part of our psychism. Due to the release of this stagnating potential, the available psychic energy increases and our Being can transfuse the environment through its choices and creations, more order and empowerment, which help to lower the entropy of the system in which it exists, a Greather Whole that evolves thanks to the progress of its parts.