There are innumerable prejudices and beliefs about sex that have determined many repressive and psychopathological behaviors, and have caused great suffering because of the dysfunctional way of approaching relationships.

It is important to understand how we were introduced to our sexual awakening and what kind of messages we received in our family environment when we grew up, sexual maturity is a process and it is vital to know what factors were the ones that accompanied our evolution from the beginning to understand what we are now. If in the present we suffer some sexual dysfunction, it is certain that to a lesser or greater extent we are immersed in a feeling of guilt, that only makes more aggravate the situation in which we are.

Guilt is the first thing we must work when we want to overcome a sexual dysfunction, it is immobilizing and a loss of psychic energy, it is a feeling that is not going to produce any positive change by itself.

This feeling of failure keeps us in a permanent state of anxiety before sexual interaction, creating the breeding ground to chronify the disorder we suffer. The first step to begin to overcome sexual dysfunctions is to completely eradicate the sense of guilt that torments us, we must work to restore our self-esteem that has been diminished due to the feelings of inadequacy that we suffer. We must seek the appropriate therapeutic help to begin to implement the techniques and exercises that are convenient for our particular dysfunction.

Mobilizing to find a solution gives us back the power to restore enjoyment in our sex life, but guilt is an emotion that blocks and greatly interferes with the healing process, focusing our intention on how to overcome the problem deviates us from victimizing attitudes that the only thing that contribute is to keep us in a recurrent circle with no exit.