One of the serious consequences of stress in our body is the inhibition of sexual desire, we do not realize this decrease in libido until its levels have not fallen drastically. When not being able to make a disconnection of the daily problems, the dedication that demands the sexual act is practically impossible, instilling the fear of not fulfilling the own expectations or of the other.

Stress increases cortisol levels, which prevents the production of hormones such as progesterone and testosterone, its consequence is the reduction of sexual desire.

With stress we have moved away from the time for enjoyment, but sex itself can also be a source of stress, the fear of failure triggers the activation of the hormone thyroxine in our circulation that from a certain level restrains sexuality. Pleasure is the enemy of states of anxiety, the first step would be to combat the circumstances that cause our system to be out of control.

Sometimes eradicating stressors in our lives is practically impossible, so we must look for ways to develop new coping strategies to be able to go through the stressful stages at the lowest possible cost. If we can´t reduce the negative impact in any way, then it is necessary to seek professional help, with analytical therapy we learn to know how our mental dynamics work and how we can control all the defensive mechanisms that are triggered when we are victims of stress.

Anxiety is the first symptom that is established and that causes our entire biochemistry to be unbalanced, causing a multitude of pathologies including that our ability to enjoy sex is severely disturbed. If the stress we live in our lives overflows us, do not wait to seek help, mobilize as soon as possible to prevent the physical and psychological sequelae over time dangerously weaken our body.