Sex addiction is an uncontrollable need for sex of all kinds, as in all addictions, impulsive desire is the root cause of all addictive behavior, it is this uncontrollable compulsion that needs to be directly and adequately addressed so that there can be a true remedy. Sex addiction is a chronic psycho-organic disorder that requires adequate medical and psychological treatment, being the disease progressive and fatal.

We can not appeal to reason to disengage from an addiction even knowing that it is very harmful to our lives, the intellect does not have enough power to eradicate it, it will only serve to deny and justify our actions.

To relieve the anxiety produced by the obsessions, a series of behaviors called compulsions are carried out, these serve to momentarily lower the anguish when the addict manages to satisfy their needs. Erotic literature is the first ladder in addiction, with fantasies and compulsive masturbation, evolving later to live pornography, fetishes and love adventures.

The most advanced phase can lead us to break the limit of legality with abuse, voyeurism, exhibitionism even reaching rape. Although the addict fights against himself in a battle to gain control of the disease, the fact is that biochemical changes occur in the brain and only an intensive psychotherapeutic intervention can help to overcome this disorder. The addictive behavior produces victims in addition to putting one’s own life in danger and that of others for possible sexual transmission.

The fact that sexual abuse in childhood is found in a high percentage of sex addicts is very remarkable, you should ask for help as soon as possible if we are caught in this type of compulsion, the treatment does not aim to achieve sexual abstinence, but redirect sexual behavior towards healthier forms of behavior.

It is especially important to know the reasons that drive these addictions, such as a strong anxiety base, difficulties in relating, emotional insecurity or sexual identity problems. We can not find any justification for such harmful behaviors therefore we must seek the necessary assistance to help us to be cured of this disorder and be able to redirect our life again.