Sexual fantasies are imaginary mental representations that stimulate and accompany sexual acts, as with dream interpretation, can give us access to knowledge of unconscious and repressed desires, in addition to representing our tastes in sexual matters.

Should we hide our fantasies? The fact that these remain in our subjective and unrealized world confer a degree of excitability but sharing them also provides an extra stimulus to sex with couple.

Having fantasies does not reflect a dissatisfaction in sexual relationships but rather they have mainly an aphrodisiac role, they are normal, exciting and completely natural. For clinical sexology the sexual fantasy is a necessary instrument for a satisfactory sexual life, without it, it is possible that a dysfunction of sexual desire is installed,  according to a study on sexology, the nature of fantasies varies among the population, but very few can be considered rare or unusual.

They are only considered pathological when they begin to take place and affect the life of the person or when they are the only way to achieve orgasm then they enter the field of paraphilias. Sexual fantasies are important to such an extent that the formation of the couple ideal that inspires us to fall in love and choose a partner is based on the sexual fantasies we build throughout life.

Its primary function is to intensify sexual pleasure by filling conscious desires and even unconscious ones providing stimuli for masturbation. Sexual fantasies are one of the richest fields of freedom and creativity in our human condition.