Our libidinous energy is formed as we acquire years of life and assimilating in our psyche all the physical laws that define our possibilities of development, it regulates all our instinctive activity that has for its object the attainment of pleasure and follows an evolution from birth until your complete emotional development. The libido progresses in stages and is the psychic aspect of our instinctual sexual instinct, when this psychic aspect becomes conscious, it ceases to be instinctive and unconscious.

This energy that is born of the instincts is expressed through reason, therefore, it manifests itself between the beast and our judgment, distorted by our aggressive instincts producing a conflict of difficult solution.

This collision in our minds of two opposing forces, on the one hand the compulsive manifestation of our instincts and on the other our intellect, leads us irremissibly to neurosis. When we feel totally rational beings we think that our instincts have no strength in our psyche, but we are wrong, we continue to drag them and they are one of the main sufferings and challenges that we have to face, the automatic and unconscious processes govern most of our lives although we dislike it enormously to admit it.

The current evolutionary stage of the human psyche lives in this condition, in a failed attempt to control the internal, we see it expressed in a sick socio-culture that reflects the true reality of the individual psychic state.

The cortical part of our brain where our reasoning lives should eventually be able to predominate totally over the most visceral, this is a challenge for the evolution of our species. Consciousness emerged as a spark in nature more instinctive, we must believe that its power of transformation will lead our minds, to acquire the necessary lucidity, to protect in the near future, our race of ambivalence that still persists between the beast and the reason.