Psychopathy is a personality disorder that produces a normally aggressive and irresponsible behavior, moral, ethical and spiritual values ​​are absent therefore there is no feeling of guilt, they are pathological liars, manipulators and lack emotionality.

The delinquency that produces this type of personality has its beginning in childhood, characterized by the inability to delay gratification, the lack of ability to foresee or fear the consequences, the absence of empathy for others and an egocentric narcissistic core. This behavioral disorder with psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies can be diagnosed very early in childhood where we see behaviors of cruelty to animals, late enuresis and pyromania.

Recent research has determined that the cerebral cortex of children growing up in a disadvantaged environment has a smaller area in certain regions and could be related to chronic stress and lack of interaction with parents.

As it might seem, psychopaths do not have problems with self-esteem, on the contrary they have an exaggerated, inflated, grandiose and selfish sense of their own importance, they feel attraction to emotion, danger, excitement and the denial of reality that is seen as obstructive to the inner childlike omnipotence. When psychopathy is limited mainly to sexuality, pedophiles infiltrate religious organizations of young people to whom they are attracted by the availability of being victims.

It is important to make a true diagnosis of the sociopath or criminal since the normal personality is reinsertable to society but the therapeutic attempts are not usually effective if the underlying personality is sociopath, the time in prison is not terrifying or exemplary rather serves to refine his cunning. Although psychopaths are responsible for their actions, they are also victims of their own condition, dysfunctional by nature, have an abnormal mental structure and different from the rest of society, being totally unable to adapt their behavior.