Discovering what we are should be the most important act for us in this experiential period that we call life, we become conscious in a protected, familiar habitat, surrounded by ethical and moral codes, living a deep immersion in a peculiar reality. Our objective sphere becomes insubstantial, vanishing in a world of statistical probabilities, only what is relative is ours, masking where our causal lineage is settle.

The uncertainty, our most real evidence, produces a commotion in our state, we call fear, it is the primal feeling that activates all our defenses, which are conformed for a safe transition to a fruitful existence, that is to say that it has possibilities to prosper.

This fear submits and subordinates us through the formation of a firm ego, directing and discriminating all our actions, this egoic component is nourished by all the beliefs that perpetuate and preserve its immunity. Our ego becomes practically unapproachable, achieving its task to isolate ourselves, alienating us sometimes to seriously pathological levels, the premise is not to suffer. How can we deactivate this construct that keeps us isolated from our true nature? Neutralizing our nihilistic fear by not being, being able to face our end without anxiety, is how we will discover that what is vanishing is only our fear, the one that united all our deformed and reactive signifiers.

We will no longer be more powerless to form and regulate our experiences, the essentials may be more part of our existence and choices. Our ultimate nature is love, eros weakening chaos, nourishing life so that it can evolve, and we grow in it when through our decisions we can express our personal quality without distortions. What we are does not dwell in psychic stages, the consciousness transcends our cognitive sphere, it is at this supra-mental level where the absolutely fundamental resides, there we must find our missing link, the one that gives us an amplified focus, allowing us to access in its entirety to our true personal reality.