Feeling is the most sublime gift for all sentient beings, it interconnects us with the great network of energies that mold this physical reality. The evolution of our brain has taken us to the level of cognitive development that we now possess, but there is an emotion in capitals that escapes the control of any rational opinion, an affect that knows no reasons.

To love this ineffable impulse of which so much has been written is our motive force, which encourages us to express the best of ourselves.

Our mind can not infer where the origin of this creative power lies, delving into our most essential part we can elucidate their ancestry. Evolution uses this integrating force to make life persist, to be able to build a legacy of the future, we as consciences are part of this drive of love, we are beats of a greater soul that binds us all in a higher reality .

But when as individuals we try to express what we are, we are faced with our own deficiencies that we try to fulfill with the demands of the other, seeking to unfold all the potential that we have waiting to be updated, we intend in the beloved gaze to find our own idealized being and validate our suitability as individuals. The personal value is inherent to each being and creature, we have lost all our power allowing our objective world to conform, we believe that we need these attachments to be able to feel who we are and thus be able to discard our beliefs of lack of value.

We have forgotten the connection with our unlimited source of affection, we just need to look back, we do not need anything that we no longer have by right.

When we connect with this truth, we feel that manifesting and radiating this emotional quality that configures us, allows us to nourish our surroundings, at the same time magic is produced, by wanting we are able to grow. The love we are talking about is undoubtedly without conditions and its maximum expression is when we give without expecting anything in return, without requirements or objections, through it we expand as consciences, in compassion and empathy towards everything that surrounds us. It is the most unitive feeling that exists, we must stop treasuring outdated affects that try to fill our voids, in this rational world in which we live and connect with the fullness that we already are!