Not only do we inherit our genes from our ancestors but by existing as individuals we are part of a generational chain we inherit their culture and also their pathology. Through the familiar unconscious we are transmitted by the psychic way the formation of ideals, identifying references, beliefs, myths and also our defense mechanisms.

The family is the original space of our subjective world, family representations usually have a structuring function but also project expectations and aspirations related to their own narcissism that can seriously interfere in the constitution of our own identity.

It is necessary to be able to differentiate between the organizing transmissions of the life that are necessary of those that have traumatic qualities and are generating of diverse pathologies. These transmissions occur in deep strata of our psyche and these structures remain fused with our own mental components producing a total identification with them, in fact it is impossible if not through analysis to discover that they are unconscious formations alien to us.

Parental transference of subconscious elements is done through nonverbal communication, where experiences with emotional load or traumas that were not properly metabolized, can be separated from the rest of the psyche and become unconscious cystic elements that are transferred to offspring. Thus sectors of the self that have remained disconnected are transmitted through several generations producing symptoms of diverse nature that will be expressed through the body and mind producing the disease, but whose origin is totally unknown and unconscious. In therapy it is important to work as the links were structured in the family environment and as the representations were transmitted, this is the conductive thread that will eventually lead us to our self-discovery.