We all experience in our daily course innumerable contingencies, some of them very challenging that will test our psychic integrity. Resilience is the ability we possess to form new internal resources that help us overcome limit situations, in the face of really traumatic circumstances, we need a great effort to adapt to be able to escape unscathed from them. This ability to overcome is not innate, it is not programmed in our genes as the survival instinct, however we can develop it throughout our life.

We have a transforming potential in our interior that endow us the creation of new psychic conditions, with which we can successfully face traumatic situations that exceed our ability to act.

The neurobiological mechanism involved in resilience is the neuronal plasticity,  that allows the adaptation of brain functions to stress and allows us to confront chaos. Resilient development is something more than overcoming adverse moments, is about reconfiguring effective internal schemes, building new psychic resources that we did not previously possess, that will allow us to face pain and losses. In order to survive the devastating experiences we need to transform all the contracted damage into a productive force, that will propel us to regrow again, strengthened not diminished from all the affliction we have experienced.

Symbolized by the metamorphosis that the phoenix experiences, resurfacing from its own ashes, we see how it is possible to reconceive more strongly despite the trauma.

It is in this process of vital importance to have an affective bond that protects us, or a meaningful connection may be enough to handle the overwhelming demands both external and internal. Therapeutic aid can provide the necessary support needed in these cases, promoting the reconstruction of our vital behavior and healing of wounds, the crises we must face represent a risk to our integrity but also imply an opportunity for growth and development. We can all challenge our limitations, we have a great evolutionary potential, the pain urges us to go beyond our conditioning and pushes us to discover, that we have the necessary capacity within us to rescue us from the desolation and destruction that may ensue in our lives .